I’m sure there are thousands that I haven’t heard, so feel free to add them below in the comments section!

Having to listen to some of these songs almost killed me, but I persevered.

1. Mohamad Iskandar - Ouly Bhebni

You cannot bring up sexism without Mohamad Iskandar coming to mind. In fact, if you say the word ‘sexist’ three times in a mirror, Mohamad Iskandar shows up and ear-fucks you.

The most vile lyric:

Don’t answer your phone unless we’re together
Choose your friends to be female.

From now on, everywhere
I will slaughter anyone who flirts with you

2. Mohamad Iskandar - Joumhouriyet Albi

Another assault by Moe! I love how every girl in his videos is like a 25-year old Bond girl, and he’s legit over 70. The weirdest part is that I couldn't figure out if he was supposed to be her dad or her lover, but I'm guessing those are interchangeable.

The most vile lyric:

Our girls don’t get hired with their degrees
Our girls are spoiled and served.

Your job is to win my heart, my affection, and my passion
If you’re going to work, what will you do with your beauty?

3. Fares Karam - Tannoura

WHAT.THE.FUCK. Guys, who sleeps with Fares? Let’s set up a rescue mission for that person with zero self esteem.

The most vile lyric:

Her skirt is so short, she doesn’t care
Not her mom or her dad.

She teases men and doesn’t care
She’s pretty so it’s fine.

4. Dana - Ay Khedma Ya Basha

You may remember Dana from her incredibly moving song, Ana Dana. Well, be prepared to be moved again!

The most vile lyric:

I’m cute, I’m beautiful, and easy going
I’m playful and affectionate, gorgeous too.

As soon as you see me on your screen just know,
I’m at your service, Sir.


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