We spend a lot of time with our colleagues, and while you might become good friends with some of them, others just drive you nuts. But one thing’s sure, you’re always stuck with a common species of coworkers no matter where you end up working. You’ll probably recognize a few from our list, so which of these have you already met or are currently working with?

1. The Workaholic/Arrogant One

They are always too preoccupied with work to chat or help you with a project. Everything they’re doing is so much more important than everyone else’s work. You’re lucky if they even have the time to smile back at you when you cross paths.

2. The One Who Shows Off Their Kids

They will pass by everyone’s office for sob7iyeh revolving around their children’s latest achievements, whether they won a school contest or just got potty trained. You’ll be there thinking “please kill me” by the 10th update.

3. The Star Complainer

No task is too big or too small for this guy to whine about. Whether it rains or shines, you’re sure to hear about it. And all you want to shout is “Just shut up and stop complaining”.

4. The One Who Doesn’t Check Their Email

For them checking and answering emails is just over rated and a waste of time. Who said anything about unprofessionalism? And yet they act surprised that they are not aware of projects.

5. The Boss’s Pet

They will act like all they care about is the boss’s personal life. They will bring them treats, laugh at their jokes, stay late for no reason, and act like huge hypocrites. Anything to get a promotion.

6. The Smiling Backstabber

The Smiling Backstabber is one of the worst office types you’ll ever encounter. They will pretend to be your friend just long enough to make it really hurt when they steal your ideas or badmouth you to the boss.

7. The Perpetually Late One

You know you hate the late one because you always end up doing their work until they finally decide to show up with a lame excuse.

8. The Happy Hour Enthusiast

Yep that’s me. Whether to blow off steam or just to celebrate a good day at the office, I’ll always be up for a drink after work, and encourage the idea of an office minibar.

9. The Gym/Healthy Freak

They will brag about how many times they went to the gym, how kale is the best thing on Earth, they’ll post a selfie while working out, and always ask if anyone at the office is up for a hike on Sundays. No, thank you.

10. The Gossip

It’s like they were hired to talk about other people. Unfortunately for you, The Gossip lives for the latest office scandal, whether it’s actually true or not, and spends their days tarnishing reputations.

11. Miss/Mr Office

They will show up dressed to the nines; hair perfectly coiffed, make up and clothes on point, all while you struggle to get out of your PJs. Listen, the cubicle is no rooftop - calm down.

12. The Starbucks Addict

The office coffee is never good enough for the Starbucks addict! Even if it means arriving late to work, they’ll always make sure to drive by the nearest Starbucks and get their fix for the day.

13. The One Who's Always Sick

Please, don't breathe in my direction.

14. The Gross One

This is a little mean, but we can't deny that every office has that one person who "forgets" to shower a little too often. And when you hear them go into the bathroom and not wash their hands...shudder.


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So true

Mona Boustany on Sep 23, 2016 via mobile web