Living in Lebanon is like playing a video game on ‘difficult’.

1. Appropriately anticipating whether your guest wants 2, 3, or 4 kisses.

2. Escaping an interrogation about your love life at every single family gathering.

3. Differentiating between the sound of a bomb, fireworks, and a car backfiring.

4. Dealing with the constant feedback about your weight from distant relatives and strangers.

5. Managing to parallel park your car between an overflowing garbage can and a chair.

6. Physically doubling the capacity of your stomach every time you visit your grandmother.

7. Driving like a completely psychopath, and dealing with fellow psychopaths on the road.

8. Finding locations with zero help from a map or proper roads, relying on gas station employees and pedestrians for help.

9. Dealing with that one aunt who is constantly setting you up with really weird dates.

10. Timing your arrival/departure from places in direct correlation to power and elevator cuts.

11. Still managing to have friends even though you show up late to every single function, ever.

12. Managing to have a sex life while you live with your parents.

13. Dealing with your parents having post-traumatic stress and anxiety because of the civil war.


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