Comprehensive workshop in theory and practice for the divine science lovers.

Taking this workshop will enable you to understand fully how astrology works and it will be up to you to choose to further expand your knowledge on other levels.

This workshop will include:
- Zodiac: Signs and attributes
- Planets: Roles and factors
- Houses: Dignities and aspects
- Synastry & transitions
- Birth charts
- Predictions using Astrology – Progression
- Compatibility with others
- Astrology in other Esoteric Sciences

$250 for all sessions

About the tutor
Ghassan Nabbout
Astrologer, Tarot Master and researcher in Esoteric studies. An avid believer that these noble sciences are of good help to have clearer views and eventually decisions.

Started out as an adapt with Astrology and Esoteric Masters like Walter Mercado and Davis Solomon, and continued the journey, enriching the knowledge and experience.

Astrolab: Astrology Workshop

Addresses and Contacts

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    Minus 1 Near 124 Rue 70 Tabaris Mob.: +9613064969


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