Great news for movie lovers!

You can forget your classic experience with cinemas because the brand new IMAX theater at VOX Cinemas - Beirut City Center provides a whole new immersive experience to watching a movie. Films digitally remastered or made for IMAX are designed to be brighter, clearer, and better in terms of contrast. IMAX’s custom theatre design creates a picture that is higher, wider and closer – filling your peripheral view.

The sound is also greatly upgraded, you don’t just hear the powerful sound system; you feel it all around you. In short, it makes you feel as though you’re in the movie, not just watching it.

Possibly the best part? Huge, plush seats that feel like heaven. In short, IMAX is a total enhancement to the whole experience.

Ticket prices: 18,000 LL for regular IMAX tickets, 22,000 LL for VIP seats.

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