Tanjaret Daghet are pioneering the sound of modern Arabic rock, while voicing about topics that everyone of us can relate to (social, cultural, economic to highlight a few) delivered with a conviction that will transcend the boundaries of language. This is fortified by a set of songs that, as western as they might give the illusion to sound, are based upon rhythms and musical ideas from the region. Of course all songs are written in Arabic. This gives an authentic blend portraying the dual reality existent among our youth today. Three fierce, versatile, and very talented musicians, willing to work on themselves and their product to guarantee constant forward motion and evolution, back up this buzz.

After the organic success of their first album "180 degrees", Tanjaret Daghet have set off on yet another musical journey. The band has spent months developing their new sound, that has magically transcended into their upcoming album . A blend of alternative rock, soft-rock, electronic and experimental world music, the nine tracks on their new album will take you on a journey through space and time, conscious and subconscious, happiness and heartache.

So far, they have managed to record the album, commissioned by Shubbak in a partnership with the British Council. Yet there's a lot more to do before the world gets to see/hear it, and they'll need help getting there. The band will be launching a crowdfunding campaign very soon, to help support their new album launch, so keep a lookout on their online platforms if you are fans of their music.

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