OUMI Ensemble Live At Metro
with guests Mohammad Khansa (dance)
and Daline Jabbour (voice)

25,000 LL

Abou Oumi Ensemble
Beirut-based OUMI Ensemble is comprised of Mohannad Nasser (oud), Nobuko Miyazaki (flute/shinobue (Japanese bamboo flute)), Rami Al Jundi (Arabic percussion), and Ruedi Felder (double bass). Their name derives from “umi”, the Japanese word for “ocean.” The musicians come from different shores – Syria, Japan, and Switzerland – and journey together through their music to discover new horizons, encounters and connections.

OUMI Ensemble plays mainly original compositions as well as traditional music from the Middle East, East Asia, and elsewhere, blending and integrating their very own personalities and different cultures. Equipped with virtuosic skills on their instruments, they believe in an open approach to their musical traditions and fearlessly fuse them with classical, jazz and many more influences into a unique style: sweepingly fast-paced, sweetly melodic, and passionately improvised.

In order to share their simple joy of music making, it took Mohannad and Rami challenging journeys from Syria and Nobuko a trans-Atlantic move from New York to reunite in Beirut. With the addition of Ruedi, they raised the sail and began their journey.

OUMI Ensemble sees borders as an illusion – so they transcend traditions. OUMI Ensemble stands for tolerance and is a living proof of cultural interconnection and exchange. Their voyage continues.

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OUMI meets Sufi at Metro

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