For a whopping $4114 per night, this place can be yours.

I mean, you can sell your car - you don’t really need a car, right? Walking is healthy. 

This stunning beach house/villa in Byblos, Jbeil is the priciest listing (by far) on Airbnb Lebanon.

The villa was built three years ago by architect Raed Abillama and has won awards in the architecture world. The design is contemporary, and here’s the best part: every room and bathroom has a sea view.

There’s no additional cost for extra people, so if you have forty friends, you can just pay $100 each - but there is a seven night minimum stay.

What you get:

A large, beautiful villa right on the beach that accommodates 13 people. It has five bathrooms and eight beds (How does it accommodate 13 people with eight beds, you ask? It accounts for sex, I think.)

Pets are allowed, it has its own private pool, and breakfast is provided. Yes, please and thank you.

You can check out the listing here.

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