Here are a few things that get Lebanese people really, really riled up, mostly for no reason whatsoever.

1. Politics

Granted, we rarely ever vote.

2. The World Cup

Walk around Beirut during Mondial season and the cheers and enthusiasm will make you think we qualified. We didn’t.

3. Shawarma

Everyone has a favorite spot for shawarma. If you try to suggest that you had a good shawarma not at that location, you will be dragged.

4. Electronic Dance Music

Why? It plays in stores, every pub, every supermarket. I don’t need to hear the electro remix to every Taylor Swift song while I’m buying underwear. Can we play regular music?

5. Tanning

You best be dark by May.

6. Weddings

A wedding in Lebanon is so much more than the union of two humans. It is an excuse to force your uncomfortable guests to watch you be lowered from the ceiling.

7. "Checking in" to the Cedar Lounge

Please stop.

8. Etiquette, kind of

We’re sticklers for etiquette, but we drive like assholes and are perpetually late. But we fight over the bill so…that’s something.

9. Storms

When storm season arrives in Lebanon, insanity usually ensues. We’ll dispatch reporters, close down schools, buy canned goods - all for 15-minutes of rain.

10. Pain Perdu and Fondant

I have a theory that every single spot in Lebanon serves these two items.


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Thank you for describing my Lebanese journey to the T!!!! Omg 100% Yeah I'm now on the last stage. What next?

Vivecca Chatila on Oct 7, 2016 via mobile web