What more is there to say about the never-ending struggle of domestic workers in Lebanon?

You’d think we’d have said it all by now. The instances in which laws are created to prevent them from marrying or when they get turned away at beaches and resorts - and yet here we are again.

A Kenyan housekeeper named Joyce wanted to get her hair styled before returning to her homeland. Dr. A’isha Moussali Naja accompanied Joyce to SEVEN hairdressers who refused to service her.

“The first one said ‘I don’t work for those people’” said Naja. “What’s the problem? These are women who live in our homes, with our children and grandchildren” added Naja in disbelief.

I am so beyond disgusted. You small-minded bigots, God forbid their dark skin should dare touch the same chair that your precious ass sits on. I am so ashamed to be associated with the racist pricks that think this type of behavior is justifiable. Fuck your hair and your ladies’ luncheons and your fake etiquette that is masking your grotesque insides.

A huge, huge shoutout of love and admiration to Dr. A’isha Moussali Naja who made it a point to go on national television to speak about the injustice her housekeeper suffered, an injustice that would have otherwise gone unnoticed like so many do. I only urge you to list the names of the salons you went to, so we can put them on blast.

Dr. Naja hired a private hairdresser to style Joyce’s hair at home.

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