I’ve always been a pasta lover. Pasta just screams comfort food. You just wanna hold that bowl of warm pasta close to your heart while inhaling all those flavoursome aromas as you bring your fork closer to your lips...

Ahem…where were we?

Ah yes, pasta. I’ve brought to you some of my favourite pasta dishes in Lebanon. Alway al dente, please – and yes, by all means, slurp that spaghetti!

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1. Mario e Mario: Lobster Linguini

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Mario e Mario, a charming restaurant “trattoria” nestled in a hidden Mar Mikhael alley, with its purple and yellow house, brings you exquisite traditional Italian cuisine that just melts your heart. It’s been a whole two months since my last visit, and I still taste and crave their Lobster Linguini. The linguini is served al dente, of course, with a generous portion of cooked lobster and the perfect blend of spices. It’s the ultimate seafood pasta dish for lovers of the sea. By the way, while you’re there check out their daily specials, and for the love of all things food, try the Tiramisu.

You can read the full article about my experience at Mario e Mario here.

2. Provincia Ristorante Italiano: Lasagna

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Next on my list for the best pasta dishes in Lebanon is the Lasagna at Provincia Ristorante Italiano. This lasagna is so rich in flavour that you’re bound to order a second or third dish (probably because everyone else at the table is stealing from your plate).

Also, while you’re there order the Melanzane, it’s to die for.

3. Bar Tartine: Orecchiette Pasta

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Bar Tartine isn’t an Italian restaurant, but it happens to have an especially delicious pasta dish that I order almost every time I visit – the Orecchiette Pasta. The mix of ingredients with that creamy pesto sauce is incredible and satisfies the palate. If you weren’t that hungry to begin with, you will be once you get a whiff of this pasta dish. Don’t forget the extra Parmesan!

Next time you go, order a side of Orecchiette Pasta with your usual Artichoke & Spinach Dip.

4. Gilt: Ravioli

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Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli is my absolute favourite pasta dish to order in general – I used to go to La Posta in Ashrafieh to get my ravioli fix before they unfortunately permanently closed their doors. Gilt’s pretty clouds of ravioli come pretty close to that nostalgic taste I crave. Plus, the added crunch from the walnuts makes it even more scrumptious!

5. La Petite Table: Squid Calamarata

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La Petite Table happens to master so many dishes. Already featured in best croissants and top chocolate places in Lebanon, La Petite Table has managed to make its way to Lebanon’s best pasta dishes as well! A well-deserved accomplishment since their Calamari Pasta uses Calamarata pasta, which are shaped like calamari rings, cooked al dente in creamy white sauce – the similar textures of the calamari-shaped pasta and calamari give you the impression that you are actually eating a bowl of creamy calamari! With crispy bacon – yum.

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