Join FADE IN: to meet other creative-minded folks, talk about writing and creativity, storytelling and anything that comes with it.
Get to know each other a little better. Think, drink, eat, love, inspire and create.

What is Writer's Meetup?
A free networking event with writers from all over the city. Enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Who will be there?
- Professional screenwriters for film and TV
- Nadia Tabbara (founder of fadein) and her team of writers, who are currently hired to create the biggest-budget Lebanese TV series to date
- Published authors, short story writers and novelists, in both English and Arabic
- Editors of fiction
- Advertising coypwriters (creative concept, ads and campaigns)
- Poets & dreamers
- You - and your creative friends

Just bring a notebook, a pen, and an easy-going attitude. You will be surrounded by like-minded writers from all over the city, at Olivers.

Free Entrance

For more information or to make a reservation

FAE IN: Writers' Meet-Up


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