What if Darth Vader wasn’t Luke’s father?
What if Romeo didn’t meet Juliet?
What if Brangelina didn’t split up?

Every tale can have a twist & Red Bull 7akawati is giving you a chance to tell your own.
If you have a funny idea and think that Snow White should’ve had pizza instead, here’s what you should know:
- 1 7akawati
- 4 performers
- 10 suggested tales
- 1 roundtrip prize to a Red Bull experience in the region for the winning team

Red Bull 7akawati 2016

Addresses and Contacts


Upcoming Events Here

Hishik Bishik Show at Metro Hishik Bishik Show at Metro Performance (Dinner Theater)
'Autostrade' at Metro 'Autostrade' at Metro Performance
Wilada 88 - Metro Wilada 88 - Metro Live Music
Midnight Metro: DJ Nouby Midnight Metro: DJ Nouby Party (Party)


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