Although our weather is nothing like Canada’s, the fall and winter seasons in Lebanon are chilly enough to trigger our cravings for heartwarming foods. That’s exactly why we came up with a food bucket list to keep you warm during the cooler days.

1. Fondue at La Cabane du Chef

Nothing beats the winter cold better than sharing a melting fondue with loved ones in the middle of the snow. One of the best you can have is at La Cabane du Chef, located at the top of Zaarour Club. Have your choice of either the traditional hot pot of creamy cheese fondue, or the sizzling meat fondue. Both are equally delicious!

2. Melted Camembert at Acoté

As soon as the temperatures start dropping, head to Acoté in Mar Mikhael to indulge in their baked camembert. It is one of the best I’ve ever had, and is served drenched in honey, melting straight out of the oven.

3. Onion Soup at DUO

Wintertime definitely calls for soups. And the onion soup at DUO is absolutely worth the trip, as they serve it in an edible bowl made with homemade bread, making it one of the best comfort foods to fight the cold away.

4. Snails at Le Petit Gris

Fall is snails season, and one of the top restaurants serving them is Le Petit Gris, a cozy bistro located on Rue du Petit College in Saifi. Most of their snails are free-range and raised in a Lebanese farm in Ammiq. Enjoy them best à la Bourguignonne!

5. Pain Perdu at Balthazar

When I think winter comfort food, I think fluffly Pain Perdu. Head to Balthazar in the heart of Beirut Souks and satisfy your craving by indulging in their warm and sweet Pain Perdu served with a side of delicious warm caramel.

6. Pierrade at Le Montagnou

If you’re in Faraya, take a break from the slopes to enjoy Le Montagnou’s signature Pierrade, a special hot stone on which meats and vegetables are cooked at the diners’ table. Watching the tender chunks of beef sizzle in front of you will make it the perfect meal after your day on the slopes.

7. Hot Chocolate at Angelina

Nothing could truly warm me up on a cold and rainy Beirut afternoon more than a mug of hot chocolate! One of the most decadent is found at Angelina Paris in Downtown Beirut. It is rich, thick, creamy, and served with a side of whipped cream.

8. Raclette Burger at BRGR.Co

While you can find a traditional raclette at many spots in Lebanon, one thing that is purely seasonal is the scrumptious Raclette Burger served during winter time at BRGR.Co. You can enjoy it with a side of crispy buttermilk onion rings if you want to change things up from the usual fries side-order.

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