Bootcamp is the only pre-accelerator startup academy in the Middle East and we are committed to supporting the next generation of technology entrepreneurs. In collaboration with the Center for Research & Innovation (CRInn), join our first-ever Bootcamp to be held at AUB and tailored to students, faculty and staff.

They have successfully trained 50+ teams on how to start a business from scratch and helped countless graduates raise USD ~600k in funding

Don’t miss this opportunity if you are looking to:
- Build a scalable startup.
- Connect with top mentors and investors.
- Become a business leader and rockstar pitcher.
- Meet like-minded entrepreneurs shaping our region's ecosystem.

Bootcamp at AUB

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Upcoming Events Here

To my Very own Singular Desire: Talk with Annette Messager To my Very own Singular Desire: ... Seminar & Lecture (Talk)

Past Events Here

Iran’s Nuclear Deal:... Seminar & Lecture (Lecture)
Electrifying the History of... Seminar & Lecture (Lecture)
Who Cares? Policy Options for... Seminar & Lecture (Talk)
Emerging Security Threats in the... Seminar & Lecture (Conference)
Time for a 'New New Social... Seminar & Lecture (Lecture)
'Imagining Citizenship in... Seminar & Lecture (Lecture)
Urban Refugee Access to Quality ... Seminar & Lecture (Lecture)
The US and Palestine, 1948 - AUB Seminar & Lecture (Talk)
Rethinking Water Service... Seminar & Lecture (Conference)
AUB Outdoors 2016: Road To... Festival (Cultural)
Russia and the Arab World Seminar & Lecture (Conference)
Call for Auditions - AUB Zaki... Gathering (Audition)
Changing Ecologies of War and... Seminar & Lecture (Conference)
Poverty, Inequality and Social... Seminar & Lecture (Discussion)
'The Civic Role of Arab... Seminar & Lecture (Conference)
Kamar at AUB Live Music
Constructing Resilience:... Seminar & Lecture (Discussion, Lecture)


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