Sundays are family days for most Lebanese and are meant to be spent with members of the extended family. Whether it's going out for lunch or doing any other activity (as long as it involves mashewe), here’s a breakdown of everything that goes down during a typical Lebanese family outing:

1. Everyone is late

We’re rarely punctual, if ever, which is why every family lunch or outing starts off with everybody being late. No one even complains or addresses the issue, it’s the norm because hey, EVERYBODY is late anyway.

2. Mixed signals everywhere 

One of the family members walks in, and the relative sitting next to you says, “Ugh, I can’t stand her” but simultaneously stands up, squeals, and expresses how happy they are to see them, how much they miss them, and how amazing they look.

3. Kids, kids, and more kids

There’s always half a dozen toddlers running around, yelling, screaming, complaining, and throwing tantrums. Sweet, sweet quality time.

4. Arguileh all the way! 

You can’t have a Lebanese outing without hookah, that’s a given!

5. Someone is always trying to set you up with a distant cousin…and sometimes not so distant 

Beware of this! It always starts with someone asking about your age and when you finish university or what job you have, then it progresses to name dropping and mentioning your future suitor’s job and accomplishments. (They’re almost always doctors or engineers.)

6. Paying the bill *dramatic music plays in the background*

This is when the table turns into a WWE arena. Every father of each family will be fighting to pay the whole bill, and you can bet a lot of swearing is involved: “walla ma be2bal”, “w ra7mit bayye ana ra7 idfa3”. More often than not, the poor waiter is dragged into this when each person motions to him, urging him not to collect money from the others. Because you know, splitting the bill is too mainstream. 

7. The unnecessary car honking and waving 

Every family gets in the car and leaves, and on the way, every time one car passes the other, honking ensues, and everyone just has to wave to each other. Every. Single. Time.

[Main image via @lebanese.foood on Instagram]


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