Each and every year we witness the transition from the extremely hot and sweaty summer to the cold rainy season within a matter of days. Yes, winter is coming. But what’s also coming is a whole bunch of things we despise, other than just the freezing climate. Here are the eight things we surely don’t look forward to this winter.

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1. Flu season

Constant coughing, tissues piling up in garbage bins, and red-nosed zombies everywhere. During this period, we strongly recommend that you avoid physical contact with people. Even if you keep your hands to yourselves, you’re never really safe from the flu. You can run but you can’t hide.

2. Unexplainable traffic

One drop of rain mysteriously causes traffic jam. It’s like people park their cars and start panicking when it starts to rain. In addition, right around Christmastime, roads everywhere become completely jammed since every Lebanese that owns a car is out and about.

3. Sprinting under the rain

As healthy and romantic this sounds, it’s not really a fun thing to do. We all have to, at some point, sprint from where we parked our car to our destination under the rain. Try keeping an emergency umbrella with you at all times.

4. All rooftop and outdoor bars close

Be ready to get back to the limited number of places you can get wasted in. Forget all the rooftop parties and beach bars you probably over-frequented this summer, it’s back to being packed like sardines in a poorly ventilated space.

5. The dark mornings

As if waking up super early wasn’t bad enough, prepare yourself for waking up to dark and depressing mornings. It’s like the sun in your soul also disappeared.

6. Car accidents

The combination of rain and Lebanon’s poor infrastructure generates a serious safety hazard, so you better be careful while driving to avoid your car slipping. Avoiding Fast and Furious-like races on the highway is also advisable (even after winter is over).

7. The squeaking of windshield wipers

You’ll have to raise the volume level to avoid hearing the squeaking sound of wipers when it’s raining. Keep calm and breathe, you’ll eventually get used to the irritating sound.

8. The Faraya craze

Brace yourselves for yet another round of the “Faghayya” fad. This winter, let’s all agree to donate $1 every time a picture is posted in Faraya (with the location Faraya clearly indicated, of course) to the Children Cancer Center, that way we can help cover all their expenses for the year.


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