Saturday marked the crowning of Miss Lebanon for 2016, and as usual, a Tweetstorm shorty followed. Here are the highlights:

1. This drinking game that is sure to kill you:

2. Future Miss Lebanon:

3. The crises keep piling on:

4. Accurate:

5. Well, can you really blame her?

6. Seriously, why do they speak like this:

7. Our confident parents:

8. When family pride kicks in:

9. Come on, this was bound to happen:

10. I feel you! 

11.When the guest star has a complicated relationship with the microphone:

12. When you can’t get over last year’s Miss Lebanon: 

13. When everyone had different expectations:

14. This killer answer:

15. When the questions segment goes wrong (as usual):

16. We knew it reminded us of something…

17. Pretty much:

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Transgender surgery has been a sucess bass ba3ed gi Adams apple b zle3imo ma krin Gina nchilaa hahaha ha

Jean-Noel Jabagi on Oct 24, 2016 via mobile web