Beirut’s theater scene has always been bustling, with new entertaining performances popping up all around the city. This fall is especially exciting, with so many options for bold, engaging shows that range from funny and light to profound, thought-provoking pieces. Check our list of favorites below!

Ismy Julia - Teatro Verdun (last chance to book!)

This unmissable show stars Anjou Rihan from Mafi Metlo in a one-woman show that walks the audience through Julia’s turbulent, whirlwind life as part of a conservative family from South Lebanon. Written by Yehya Jaber, the entertainer who brought you Beirut-Tariq el Jdideh and Beirut Fawkal Shajara, Ismy Julia is an unmissable chance to see a woman’s story told firsthand in the most entertaining and lighthearted of ways.

You can book here and catch it in its last week!

Kafas (Cage) - Metro Madina

Five women. One is in a niqab, one is overweight, one is a lesbian, one is unmarried, and one is a prostitute. Watch their captivating and at times hilarious portrayal of women’s everyday trials and tribulations, as told by them to their (invisible) gynecologist.

Learn more and book by clicking here.

Enta 3omri - Metro Madina

Written by and starring Rawan Halwani, Enta 3omri explores a belly dancer’s relationship with her body throughout her life’s many hurdles. This promises to be a compelling look into the complex conflict of loving one’s body and having it be a main source of income as a dancer.

Head to Librarie Antoine or call Metro for ticketing inquiries.

Mish Min Zaman - Masrah al Madina (last chance to book!)

Finally, here is one of Beirut’s most well-known theater figure, Nidal Ashkar, starring in her latest project. As part of the famous theater’s 20th anniversary program, Ashkar partners with Khaled Abdallah to close the festivities marking the theater’s celebrations.

Read the full week’s schedule here and book your seat at the debut here!

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