After walking you through 20 toys that hit you right in the childhood, it’s time to reminisce on the activities that kept us entertained for the most part of our early days.


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2. Heaven and earth were pretty close, and you enjoyed hopping your way between them.

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3. The hardest choice of them all...

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4. The second hardest choice of them all...

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5. “Insan, Hayawan, Chay2” ranked as your most stressful form of entertainment.

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6. MS Paint was a totally valid way to kill time.

7. You fought with other kids over these.

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8. And things got too complicated at times.

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9. Hoverboards who? This is how we roll[ed]!

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10. The satisfaction was REAL.

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11. Trying to pull your blanket fort together like…

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12. Getting your foot stuck in one of these was pretty nasty business.

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13. Let’s just say ropes were tough game to master.

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14. Going to Burger King just for the playground.

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15. Always wanting to be the parent in “Beit Byout”.

16. Turning every piece of paper into a boat because you can.

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17. Singing “Ya Chauffeur Da’as Benzin” with your classmates and adding your school’s name every time you go on a field trip.

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18. Your initiation to Lebanese driving drama.

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19. Having all your favorite cartoons on VHS.

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20. And the biggest childhood dilemma of all time.

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