I know we have a severe trash and environmental crisis going on, but I’d like to take a moment to shed some light on the good things about Lebanon.

1. We have resilience.

It's cliched to say, but we still have artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and NGOs fighting hard to make Lebanon what it should be.

2. And no matter where you live, the beach is never very far.

Image via https://simplybeirut.wordpress.com

3. Our food is the bomb.

4. We’re connected.

To our neighbors, our families, and our community.

5. Our people are kind.

I once got into a car accident and six people casually walked over and started helping me like it was no big deal.

6. Because we know how to celebrate.

7. And no meal is as satisfying as our Sunday barbecues.

8. Our delicious wine is insanely affordable.

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9. And you can even buy fruits and produce without going broke.

Looking at you, $8 mangos in the States.

10. You can go out at midnight and still be early to the party.

Image via shockblast.com

11. Because nowhere parties quite like Beirut.

12. And shawarma is the best drunk food, ever.

13. You can drive a couple of hours out of the city and be in paradise.

Yahchouch, Nahr Ibrahim.

14. You can visit quaint mountain villages one day.

15. …And be relaxing on the beach the next.

Image via smf-blog.com

We love you, Lebanon!

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Wish Lebanon would love us back...

AnnieMS on Oct 29, 2016 via mobile web
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home ,,,sweet home

Elie Karam on Oct 28, 2016 via web