A recent article in The Guardian revealed a shocking fact: nightclub attendance is dropping all over the world among millennials.

Ask any devoted club goer in Beirut and they will tell you that the nightlife scene isn’t what it once was. Most would rather go to bars with friends or go to house parties. While there are a few clubs that have been successful in the city, many others have had a short life. Here are the top 5 reasons why clubs are dying in Beirut:

1. The Netflix and Chill Effect (*actually watching Netflix; not the euphemism for hooking up)

Chilling at home in your PJs, binge watching your favorite series, and ordering in from Zaatar w Zeit is no longer considered a dull way to spend a Friday night. In fact, an entire mainstream culture has evolved around the concept of “chill.”

2. Social Media Addictions

The advent of continuously updated content on social media sites like Snapchat has made people addicted to their smartphones. It’s a sad thought, but many young people prefer to lurk on Snap and take millions of photos with the fairy filter than let loose at a club. And there is nothing worse than being in a club where everyone is glued to their screens.

3. “It’s the economy, stupid”

It’s just too expensive. Many people would rather spend their money on a cool music festival or pay to see their favorite DJ—rather than have to waste tons of cash on a regular Friday night. The global economic slowdown is a buzzkill.

4. Online Dating Apps

There was a time when young guys would go to clubs to scope out girls and try to get their number, but the “Tinderization" of the dating scene means that young people can just swipe left from their couch.

5. Drunk Text messages

The probability that you will send a “I know you’re not going to reply, but I just want to tell you that I miss you” after having shots is high. And the problem with clubs is that the music is so loud you probably won’t hear your friends warning you not to hit send.


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