Lebanese moms are very peculiar when it comes to many things, including dealing with children. Kids can be a handful, so it is understandable that moms get impatient and use unorthodox methods to force kids into behaving. Here is a list of the strangest things Lebanese moms use when it comes to disciplining:

1. Em R3aydi

This is a favorite for many Lebanese mothers. A regular natural phenomena turned into a wild beast/witch that kidnaps children is an effective way to make kids behave…and develop a couple of phobias along the way.

2. The Police 

It is also very common for Lebanese moms to threaten to call the police on her kid who’s misbehaving…what is the prison sentence for a kid who’s not eating his broccoli?

3. * Points at total stranger * this man will hit/kidnap you if you don’t stop crying

No wonder kids grow up to become introverts! Listen lady, I’m just having my coffee minding my own business, do not involve me in your disciplining process.

4. Counting to three 

Here’s the thing, no one ever knows what comes after three. No one has dared to ever find out. All we know is that when your mom raises her hand and says “wa7ad, …” you run! 

5. 7arr

Every Lebanese mom has used the good old chili threat at some point. If the child lies or misbehaves in any way, he is threatened with force feeding him chili. So sick!

6. The famous flip flop 

Lebanese moms have the best aim with those damn things! Run, dodge, and hope for the best! 


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