Welcome to Parenting 101! Ah the joy, the frustration, and the exhaustion you feel from raising your little ones. Take a quick break from your kids to enjoy a good laugh while reading about the little quirks that come with being a parent.

1. You’d rather stay home on a Saturday night than wake up super early on Sunday to handle a baby with a hangover.

2. You catch yourself singing the Frozen soundtrack with the same passion you once sang Summer of 69, even when your kids aren’t there.

3. You have no idea who is on Scandal or Suits but you can name every character on Peppa Pig or Barney.

4. You know the pain of stepping on Legos or Playmobil toys.

5. Your dinner consists of leftovers from your kids’ plates.

6. You prepare Cerelac or mac and cheese even when the kids aren’t around because you secretly love it.

7. You find yourself saying awkward things like “No, you can’t ride the dog” and “Yes, you do have to keep your pants on” in public.

8. When you realize you forgot a Barbie or a stuffed animal, and you know you have to run back home to bring that one essential family member.

9. You consider a night at Roadster fine dining, and have a tendency to cut your partner’s food into tiny little pieces.

10. Going to work on Monday sounds like a vacation, and grocery shopping or peeing alone is absolute freedom.

11. It takes longer to get everyone in a car than to run the actual errand.

12. You leave the house and find pacifiers in your pockets and a happy meal toy in your purse.

13. You celebrate every potty success with a dance.

14. You know exactly what to say at the fish or chick’s funeral.

15. Your bed isn’t your own anymore, and you can’t remember the last time you had a good night sleep.

16. You refer to your mother as “Grandma.”

17. You feel thankful because you finally understand everything your own parents did for you.

18. And even after a long day, you think how lucky you are to have such a great family.

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Going to work still feels like going on vacation 🙃

Mimi Saliba on Nov 8, 2016 via mobile web
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Bravo Nouchka

Fouda El Hage on Nov 7, 2016 via mobile web
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Hahahha! So true! Every single one of them!

Sandra Khalil on Nov 7, 2016 via mobile web