Go big or go home.

1. Hospitality: Oh you have 4 people coming over for a 3azeemeh? Prepare enough food for 300 people otherwise it’s 3ayb.

2. Wasta and cutting corners: Your official document needs 5 working days to be ready? Make 100 phone calls to ensure it’s ready in an hour.

3. Giving directions: Street names are for suckers, head to the third petrol station to the right and ask for Abu Imad.

4. Rooftop bars: World class bars atop a pile of trash, because we love to party.

5. Boozing it up: See #4.

6. Faking it until we make it: Look polished, dress beautifully, fine-dine all while you’re hustling.

7. Weddings: I don’t need to elaborate but basically imagine the royal wedding and dial it UP a few notches.

8. Wedding cakes: Forget your classic 3-tier wedding cake that you actually cut and eat. We have 3-meter tall fake cakes, diamond studded and covered in genuine zebra skin or something.

9. Gymming in style: Who said a treadmill and high heels don’t mix?

10. Food: One platter? More like 15 mezza dishes then 3 main dishes.

11. Fake lashes and hair gel: All day, every day.

12. Family: Why have one child when you can have ten?

13. Hustling: Despite all our obstacles, many Lebanese defy the odds on a regular basis.


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