Getting a lot of likes on social media is like winning a lot of money in Monopoly: It doesn’t mean anything, but it still feels nice. Have you wondered why some people’s photos get a ridiculous number of likes while others don’t? Garnering Instagram likes is both a science and an art—it depends on the time of day you post and the profile of your users. Here are the 6 top reasons why your photos aren’t getting likes:

Note: These are just jokes, no need to take them seriously.

1. You don’t have enough khaltos and 3amtos (aunts) on your friends list

I’m sure everyone can relate to this: you post a photo and only seconds later, your khalto likes it. Instagram users with big families have a huge advantage here; the greater the khalto count, the greater the number of likes you will get. Bonus: you will also probably get a string of heart emojis commented on your photo. It doesn’t matter if you look awful, your khalto will like it.

2. You’ve blocked your mom and all her friends

You may want to shield their delicate eyes from your busty selfie, but just know that middle aged people are a factory of likes. They will throw out likes at ANYTHING, including fake viral photos of miracles. So if you can stomach that “to2borneeee” comment, unblock and get showered with likes!

3. You are not liking other people’s posts

Instagram likes is a two-way street—you need to reciprocate and be generous with your own like button.

4. Photo Overdose

We have already seen a thousand similar selfies and you keep posting pictures that look identical. People will have like fatigue and stop liking them just to spite you.

5. Filters. Annoying filters.

The dog filter is cute the first time, acceptable the second time, but just downright irritating the third time. You cannot expect people to like your snapchat filter pictures once you have posted more than one. Stop with the fairy filters people, we know there isn’t really a flower crown on your head!


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