During this transition between autumn and winter, the most alluring dinner destination is one that lets you relax in an intimate setting with friends and family. Here are some options that will provide a warm setting and a cozy ambiance along with some great food.

1. The Gathering

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With stone walls, dim lights, high ceilings, and wine displayed everywhere, the interiors of The Gathering’s different restaurants each have a vibe. Luckily, they all scream winter (and pizza, steak, and red wine).

2. The Happy Prince

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Unbeatable food and fantastic cocktails in a gorgeously designed and dimly lit interior. We love the vibe here, and there’s no better place especially in winter. Perfect for sipping wine pre-burger or rib-eye steak.

3. Bread Republic: the wine room

A stylish and cozy wine getaway tucked in the back of Bread Republic Achrafieh. Pair their creative yet comfortable interior decor with their reliable selection of wine, and The Wine Room makes for a perfect winter evening.

4. Brass

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Brass’s location is as intimate as it is hidden on an Ashrafiye side street. Their ambiance is calm and dim with a personal touch introduced by the friendly waiters. Enjoy their Roast Beef Filet with Red Wine Sauce in their cozy dining rooms, of course with a side of red wine.

5. Sapa

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Sapa’s Peruvian menu is unique and allows for an interesting change from other restaurants in the city. Sapa is an amazing mix of coziness and the very best of people-watching. Warm up with one of their many exquisite cocktails and dishes in a homey setting.

6. Frosty Palace

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Not all cozy places have to offer five course meals. Frosty Palace is a burger joint that is both intimate with its customers by offering weekly specials and it’s limited seating, all the while keeping the casual vibe of a burger joint.

7. Couqley

This place is essentially the definition of romantic and cozy, Couqley allows their guests the ease and comfort of a French cafe with the satisfaction of truly great service and food.

8. Tamashii

The most intimate sushi restaurant in Lebanon, Tamashi is exposed on the main road in Mar Mikhael but a small authentic getaway upon entering. You’ll feel like you're hidden from the world, especially if you get a table in the back corner.

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