Tunisian multi-instrumentalist Wael Jegham lives between Tunis and Europe and works as a composer in the theater and film industries. “Hlib el Ghoula”, the first release from his fusion project Ghoula, was born as a result of Jegham’s passion for old North African vinyl records. From an early age, he would dig up records from flea markets and play various instruments (guitar, bass, gumbri, keyboards…) over the original music.

Gradually he started sampling these found records and layering his own sounds in the mix, creating a new music genre in the process. Since the sampled scales, tones and dialects are often dissimilar, the end result is an eclectic patchwork, representative of North Africa’s diverse cultural heritage. Ghoula’s ultimate goal is to provide a new lease of life to this hidden musical wealth

30,000 LL

'Ghoula' at Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival 2016

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