Alo Wala is the explosive result of a meeting between Shivani Ahlowalia, a female Punjabi-Indian rapper from Chicago, and Danish production unit Copia Doble Systema, known for experimenting in everything from reinterpretations of traditional Cumbia to Italian Gangsta Rap. Alo Wala is the sound of a new Europe, a new world, and a new way of thinking about one another as belonging to an interconnected global society.

Alo Wala spent much of the last couple of years on tour, opening several shows for renowned electro-Kuduro outfit Buraka Som Sistema, and sharing the stage with Run DMC & Mobb Deep, among others. She is currently working on her next release with producers Clap Clap and Branko from Buraka Som Sistema

30,000 LL

'Alo Wala' at Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival 2016

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