It's time to celebrate, because it is Fairuz's birthday. The icon is turning 80 years old, which means the last 80 years have been some of the most jubilant ones in history.

In honor of Fairuz’s birthday, we've created a list of ten reasons why we love her—and why you should, too.

1. She symbolizes home for many Lebanese abroad:

2. She’s seriously talented.

3. Her unwavering love for Lebanon.

Throughout years of turmoil and war, Fairuz stayed in Lebanon and remained a non-political symbol for Lebanon.

4. Her Christmas songs.

Nothing feels more like Christmas than playing Fairuz’s 1977 holiday album Christmas Hymns on repeat! Think Laylit Eid and Talj Talj.

5. Her live performances are phenomenal:

6. Her life out of the public eye.

Despite her worldwide fame, Fairuz has kept her personal live private, which has only added to her allure. She’s resisted the allure of stardom.

7. She can rock a headdress.

Just the cherry on top…

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