Raffi Mandalian Trio presenting "A Night of Ballads & Blues".

- Raffi Mandalian /guitar
- Arnaud Oggerli /drums
- Omar Harb /bass

About Raffi
Born in Beirut, Raffi started to get classical training on the guitar when he was 16 years old at the Lebanese national conservatory with professors Joseph Diban and Jad Hidari, where he finished his education. Meanwhile he graduated with a Master’s degree in musicology from the University of Holy Spirit – Kaslik.

During his education his passion for jazz and Latin music lead him to attend jazz courses with Professor Arthur Satyan. Soon he entered the jazz scene in Beirut in 2005 where he started proving himself as a fine jazz guitarist...

During 9 years Raffi performed and recorded with many local and international musicians like: Arthur Satyan, Ziad Rahbani, Fayrouz, Oussama Rahbani, Victor Bailey, Anthony Wonsey, Walid Tawil, Abboud Saade, Carlos Abou Chabke, Thomas Hornig, Nidal Abou Samra, Jeremy Chapman, Fouad Afra and many more...

In 2013 he formed his own jazz quartet (RMJQ), with which he started playing some of his compositions and arrangements. Being of an Armenian origin, you can hear Raffi’s influences of Armenian music in the modern arrangements that he does for Armenian folk tunes.

Raffi is currently teaching classical and jazz guitar at the faculty of music in University of Holy Spirit – Kaslik, and is also leading and training the modern band of the faculty.

About Omar
Omar started playing guitar at the age of 12.
Hr studied bass guitar with Garo salakinan from the age of 16 to the age of 19.
moved to Boston to study at Berklee college of music at the age of 20.
graduate from Berklee college of music with a degree in contemporary writing and production in 2004.

opened his studio and production company Nexttone in Damascus syria in 2005 where he produced, recorded and played on 100's of local and international projects.
performed and worked with many local artists (lena chamamian, rasha rizek, arthur satian, gene …etc) and international artists like (the gorillaz, ed cherry, rio kawasaki).

he is currently living in Beirut where he play's in the house band for the hit t.v. show The Voice. And works as a mastering engineer in the prestigious JMR studios.

About Arnaud
Born in the late seventies, Arnaud Oeggerli studied trumpet and classical percussion in a little town in France. Then he decided to learn drums by his own and played jazz from duos to big band when he was in Dijon. He played there with all the musicians that went to Paris 5 years after, such as Patrice Bailly, Rémy Decormeille... He finally moved to Paris in 2010 and played with Yoni Zelnik, David Lynx, Denis Badault, Rémi vignolo, Darryl Hall, Mauro Gargano, Lionel Belmondo.

Alo studied classical percussion in France in conservatory and jazz drum by himself. He played in Marseille, La Rochelle, Paris with Remy Decormeille, Denis Badault, Mauro Gargano, Yoni Zelnik... He has been living in Beirut for more than 4 years.

10,000 LL

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A Night of Ballads & Blues by Raffi Mandalian

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