Same shit, different cabinet.

Yesterday a new cabinet was formed under Prime Minister Saad Hariri and in the cabinet of 30 ministers (which is, by the way, an unusually large number of ministers - the cabinet of the United Kingdom is composed of 21 ministers) only one woman was assigned a ministry. To add insult to injury, Jean Ogassapian was named the new Minister of Women’s Affairs.

Image via Al Jazeera

I’m not suggesting that the minister is unqualified or that a woman should be assigned by default, but are we to believe that in a country that is 53% women, there wasn’t one woman who was capable and qualified? Was there not one of the thousands of women who lead NGOs that fight for women’s rights and rally for gender equality, who was primed for this position?

I understand that the Lebanese government has become more or less a bureaucratic game of musical chairs, but why not give a woman a role in advocating for women?

As for the one woman who did break through:

Meet Dr. Enaya Ezzeddine, the owner of a medical laboratory and an AUB Phd recipient. Dr. Ezzeddine is a member of Amal party and is the new Minister of Administrative Development Affairs.

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