I think we can all agree that our pictures from the late 90s and early 2000s are cringe-worthy. While some of us buried all evidence of that era in our lives, here we are trying to re-live the magnificent days.

1. Hair beads:

The more colors and shapes you had, the cooler you were. 

2. This hat: 

I don’t know why this was trendy, I don’t know how or why we ever thought it looked good. It definitely earns a spot in the Fashion Hall of Shame.

3. A Tamagotchi:

Pre smartphone entertainment.

4. Victoria’s Secret Body Splashes:

When you need to smell like a strawberries and cream diva.

5. ALL the LipSmackers:

They smelled so good, then you’d take a lick and start gagging.

6. A CD Walkman: 

You weren’t cool unless you had a Walkman that didn’t fit anywhere and made your purse significantly heavier to carry around. Don’t forget the several CDs you had to carry along with it.

7. Butterfly Hair Clips: 

Just stack a few along your bangs because, why not?

8. Gimp Box Stitch: 

I don’t know why these were called ‘ScoobyDoo’ in Lebanon (does it have anything to do with the beloved cartoon, Scooby Doo?), but every girl desperately wanted these to hang them on purses or on key chains. We spent countless hours trying to learn how to make them or bribing someone so they’d make them for us.

9. Slap Bracelets: 

A popular fashion choice once… for some reason.

10. Magnetic Earrings: 

Because it was the perfect way to get piercings without being killed by your parents.

11. Motorola Flip Phone: 

And last but not least, the famous Motorola flip phone was the trend. It’s safe to say we all were willing to sell a kidney for that phone. 

12. The Bandana:

Pimp up your forehead!

13. An inflatable chair:

Even though we had no place to put them.

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