Eat better and work out, sure. But we all need to work on the following.

1. Honk way, way less.

2. Cut back on middle finger usage while driving.

3. Resist the urge to tell someone to “yenfokho” just because you disagree with their political views.

4. Acknowledge the very real problems of racism and sexism in our country, and work on ending them instead of getting defensive.

5. Don’t litter. Even your little bizer seeds belong in the trash.

6. Enjoy public spaces. Horsh Beirut, public parks, and public beaches are a good start.

7. Fight people who are trying to privatize public spaces.

8. Take the time to appreciate all the beautiful architecture around us, because you never know when those historic buildings might get torn down. 

9. Fight the people trying to tear down historic buildings.

10. Less animal cruelty, less child abuse, less domestic abuse, and less illiteracy.

11. More education, more funding for scientific and medical programs, more prosperity, and more love.

12. Get serious about road safety, with no exceptions.

13. Don’t double park, and definitely don’t triple park.

14. But most definitely don’t leave your car in the middle of the road with flashers on while you run in to a store.

15. When the time comes, let’s all VOTE instead of just updating our Facebook statuses.

16. Downgrade our weddings…come on, guys.

17. Carpool every once in a while, it won’t kill us.

18. Try not to elect idiots.

19. Keep it together.


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