"For as long as I remember, the interior of old empty spaces have fascinated me, the ruined colored walls that inhabited these little cubes that we called home. I reminisce for stories I never lived, though I hear them being whispered as if they were trapped in time.
The passing time on a wall makes it more powerful, stronger and beautiful in the weirdest way, it is the beauty of endurance as if by giving in to time the stiffness of a perfectly strong one colored wall begins to relax and show its layers of true self.
It is the fight that shows that time always wins, so why not reveal our secrets, our moments, our little things… What did this nail once hold? Was it a photo, a favorite painting or was it a framed certificate or degree?... Who chose the blue color? Who covered it with yellow then pink? Different choices, different tastes, different stories can all be told and revealed with a bit of imagination, a wish for something we have not yet lived and an eagerness in our heart to believe in magic .
In my paintings I am not trying to imitate these walls. I just want to paint the beauty I find in them, the beauty of color, imperfection, texture and the layering"

Join the artist in this interesting exhibition at 392rmeil393

The Memory of a Wall

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    392RMEIL393 Gouraud Street Gemmayzeh Tel.: +9611567015


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