My husband and I started 2017 with the adoption of a Labrador, and I have to say we’re off to a pretty good start! If you’re lucky enough to have a dog in your life, you’re familiar with things getting a funny and silly at home, and you'll know exactly what we're talking about here.

1. Starting with the potty training celebration

They're the cutest as puppies, but they get infinitely cuter when you’re done house breaking them!

2. Everything you own is covered in dog hair

But you don’t care because sweeping the floor and dusting off your clothes becomes a way of life.

3. Playing with dogs has some strange rules

You learn quickly that one does not simply throw a ball just once.

4. There’s no guarantee that you’ll come back to the tidy house you left

Dogs become deeply irrational when left alone, even if you’re gone for few minutes only.

5. You never, ever get to eat a meal in peace anymore

They suddenly appear at your feet or on your lap the minute you’re about to eat anything.

6. Picking up poo becomes normal

Nothing grosses you out anymore, but you find it weird that your dog always picks the most public place to do his business.

7. Your bed isn’t your own anymore

Yep… you most probably will never get it back.

8. They always nap in the most unusual place

And you just don’t have it in you to move them while they’re so peaceful.

9. You worry about them all the time

If they're sick you're like shall I call the vet? If they sleep a lot you're like shall I call the vet? If they don’t bark you're like shall I call the vet?

10. And when it really comes to going to the vet…

They’re capable of doing just anything to avoid this dreaded trip.

11. Your house will never be quiet, ever again

There are barking symphonies each and every time someone leaves or enters the house. Enjoy!

12. You start to say “sit” and “stay” to humans

Yes, I might very well accidentally say “Sit!” instead of “Please have a seat.”

13. No matter how big they get, they still know they're your baby and jump over

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