Home sweet home, with Byblos Bank Housing Loan in LBP dreams do come true!


Minimum Down Payment: 30%
Minimum Loan Amount: USD 25,000
Loan Period: Between 7 and 15 years
Interest Rate: 4.48% for the first 18 months but for the remaining years, interest is calculated based on 40% yield in Treasury Bill's for 1 Year + 3% reviewed annually
File Fees: No File Fees
Grace Period: Up to 6 months
Life Insurance: Guaranteed Life insurance for the applicant
Maximum Loan Amount: No limitation


House Types: Purchased home must serve as main residence
Applicant Age: Maximum age not to exceed 64 by the end of the loan period
Applicant Nationality: Lebanese residents and Expatriates
Minimum Monthly Income: Minimum net monthly income of USD 750 for Lebanese and residents; USD 2,000 for expatriates
Career Status: Minimum of two years working experience with minimum of 6 months with current employer
Housing Loan in LBP at Byblos Bank

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