When the time comes to buy a home whether residential for the first time, or mountain house, we have the experience and resources to make life easier for you. Byblos Bank is one of the largest providers and, in fact, a pioneer of housing loans in Lebanon. We've helped hundreds of thousands of people to buy, build, and/or renovate their homes.


Minimum Down Payment: -No down-payment is required for finished apartments -70% financing for homes in which the buyer is already a tenant -70% financing (land plus construction) for construction of a home -100% financing of the renovation cost (not exceeding 50% of the home's value after renovation) -In all cases 10% is deducted from loan amount and deposited in Public Housing Corporation account for the benefit of client
Loan Period: 10 to 30 years
Interest Rate: Regressive interest rate based on 20% of two-year Lebanese Government Treasury (current loan rate 4.67% as of May 18th 2012); reviewed annually
File Fees: No Registration fees , No Mortgage fees and No stamp fees
Special Benefits: -A detailed checklist that helps protect you against common pitfalls such as buying non-registered real estate and paying an inflated purchase price -Special Byblos bank free file fees commission of 10.5% of loan amount -Application can be made singly or as a couple -Decisions on applications communicated with minimum delay


House Types: The purchased house must be the principal house. The total surface area (living section) should not exceed 200m2
Applicant Age: Maximum age not to exceed 67 by the end of the loan period
Applicant Nationality: Lebanese and residents for more than 10 years
Minimum Monthly Income: Minimum net monthly income 750,000 LBP
Career Status: A minimum of two years working experience in the same field
Government Housing Loan at Byblos Bank

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