Estates has been at the cutting-edge of property development in the Beirut Central District for years. The company strives to provide comprehensive property development services. We are experienced in both residential and commercial projects, bringing a multi-disciplinary professional approach to the development process. Our range of services goes beyond bricks and mortar into the fields of legal and financial planning, product development and marketing and technical coordination and project management.

The one thought that guides us through all of our activities is that architectural creativity is not incompatible with our historical Mediterranean and Levantine roots. Estates understands and embraces its role in the cultural renaissance of the Lebanese capital. We want to infuse all of our projects with pride in our geographical and historical roots, while simultaneously looking forward towards modernity, comfort and cutting-edge technologies.

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    At Estates we have accompanied the Solidere-led reconstruction of the Beirut Central District as master developer. We have projects in both Saifi Village and Wadi Abu Jmil. Despite the challenges, we are proud that all of our projects have been unmitigated successes. Likewise, the timing of our latest project District//S, positions it perfectly to be a resounding success. It capitalizes on the current reputation that Saifi Village has deservedly earned over the past decade. It proves our ability to recognize an opportunity and fully deliver on it. Above all it demonstrates the ability of Estates to thrive while actively treating every customer as its most treasured asset. Estates is a high quality real estate company that strives to protect Lebanese cultural and architectural heritage and identity. We do this while forging our own identity and safeguarding the overall aesthetics and spirit of this important cultural neighborhood.


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    Pasteur Street Gemmayzeh Tel.: +9611444082


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