Byblos Bank is eager to build bridges with Lebanese expatriates around the world, and to make it happen we provide customized solutions that answer your needs.


Minimum Down Payment: 30% for finished homes (can reach 80% in prime locations) 40% for homes in which the buyer is already a tenant 50% (land plus construction) for construction of a home 0% of the renovation cost (not exceeding 50% of the home's value after renovation)
Minimum Loan Amount: Minimum USD 25,000
Loan Period: 5 to 30 years
Interest Rate: Regressive interest rate based on Cost of fund plus 2% (current loan rate 5.35 as of May 18th 2012); reviewed annually)
Life Insurance: Applicant must pay life insurance
Maximum Loan Amount: No limitation for maximum amount
House Insurance: Applicant must pay house insurance


House Types: Finished house located in Lebanon only
Applicant Age: Maximum age not to exceed 64 by the end of the loan period
Applicant Nationality: Lebanese non-residents
Minimum Monthly Income: Minimum net monthly income USD 2000
Career Status: Employed or self employed with a minimum of two years working experience in the same field
Maximum Monthly Payments: Should not exceed one-third of salary/income
Documents Required: Self-employed must have documented banking relationship
Expatriates Housing Loan at Byblos Bank

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    Bank Product of: Byblos Bank Bechara el Khoury Street Ras El-Nabeh

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    Bank Product of: Byblos Bank Wakef Al Roum Center Corniche El Mazraa

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    Bank Product of: Byblos Bank Gouraud St. Gemmayzeh

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