Byblos Bank appreciates the many sacrifices that members of Lebanon's security forces make in order to help keep the rest of us safe. The Army Housing Loan is their way of saying "thank you".


Minimum Down Payment: 15% of House value
Loan Period: 7 to 25 Years
Interest Rate: Regressive rate based on 100% of one-year Lebanese Government Treasury Bills +1.628% (currently 1.628%); reviewed annually
File Fees: No File Fees
Real Estate Fees: No Real Estate Fees
Life Insurance: Applicant must pay for the life insurance
Maximum Loan Amount: LBP 500,000,000
Special Benefits: -A detailed checklist that helps protect you against common pitfalls such as buying non-registered real estate and paying an inflated purchase price -No restrictions on the purpose of the desired home -Application can be made singly or as a couple -Flexible repayment period -Decisions on applications communicated with minimum delay


House Types: Finished or rented apartment
Applicant Age: Maximum age not to exceed 74 by the end of the loan period
Applicant Nationality: Lebanese Citizen
Minimum Monthly Income: Ensure a minimum monthly income of LPB 750,000 applies for both singles and married.
Career Status: Be a member of the Lebanese Armed Forces, Internal Security Forces, General Security or State Security , A minimum of two years of working experience in the same field
Maximum Monthly Payments: Monthly payments should not exceed one-third of salary/income
Special Terms: -Loan initiation at army housing section -Domiciliation of salary for retired officers -First mortgage on the home -Fire insurance on the home
Army Housing Loan at Byblos Bank

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