As a token of gratitude for all those who spend their lifetime instilling values, culture and knowledge in the many generations, and being fully aware of the middle class financial needs and strains, Byblos Bank has devised the Teaching Staff Loan. The Loan caters for the education sector's members, in a serious effort to assist them in meeting their personal pressing needs and/or beforehand planned requirements.


Minimum Loan Amount: USD 2000 or its equivalent in LBP
Loan Period: Up to 5 years
Interest Rate: Starting 11% on USD and LBP
File Fees: Free file fees
Maximum Loan Amount: USD 15,000 or its equivalent in LBP


Applicant Nationality: Lebanese or residents for more than 10 years.
Minimum Monthly Income: Minimum net monthly income 750,000 LBP for single & 900,000 LBP for the married.
Career Status: Teacher or Staff member in a private or public educational institution with a minimum of two years working experience.
Teaching/Staff Loan at Byblos Bank

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