Credit Libanais’s Mid-term Loan is a personal loan with a repayment period for up to 4 years. This loan was especially created for liberal professional practitioners such as doctors and engineers in order to respond to their medium financial requirements. Existing customers whose salaries are dom ciliated at Credit Libanais are also eligible for this personal loan. Mid-term Personal Loans, therefore, correspond to the needs of a large segment of the Lebanese population and offer the possibility to have access to funds in order to provide for their personal needs.


Minimum Loan Amount: USD 10,000
Loan Period: Up to 4 years
File Fees: USD 100
Life Insurance: Life insurance covering the loan period, available from CLA
Maximum Loan Amount: USD 40,000


Applicant Age: Minimum 28 years of age and below 64 years by the end of the loan period
Career Status: Employment for at least 2 consecutive years with the same employer
Mid-term Personal Loan at Credit Libanais

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