Fransabank’s Housing loan in collaboration with the Public Housing Establishment is a loan in LBP tailored especially to customers who want to buy a new house or renovate or expand their home construction.


Minimum Down Payment: 10% of house value
Loan Period: Up to 30 years
Interest Rate: 20% of the yield rate on the two year Lebanese treasury bills + 3.5% and renewable every 2 years
Maximum Loan Amount: 270 million amount


Applicant Age: You should settle 75% of the loan amount (principal + interest) before attaining 64 years of age
Applicant Nationality: Lebanese Citizen for over 10 years
Career Status: You should be employed at the same company or profession for a minimum of 2 years
Maximum Monthly Income: Family income should not exceed LBP 5 million
Maximum Monthly Payments: 33% of your monthly income
Documents Required: -Copy of identification card or valid passport -Copy of family civil register -Proof of residence such as mayor certificate, electricity, telephone, or water bill -Copy of medical insurance card or NSSF card -Employed -Authenticated salary certificate -Self-Employed -Declaration of income and expenses and of taxes if available -Bank's statement of accounts for the last 2 years -Copy of company's circular -Balance sheet for the last 2 years
Housing Loan with the Public Housing Establishment at Fransabank

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