Owning your dream home in Lebanon has never been simpler with NBK's Housing Loan.


Loan Period: Up to 20 years
Interest Rate: 4.75% for the first year and then 5.5 % reviewed annually
Real Estate Fees: 6% of sales amount
Life Insurance: Life Insurance will be 120% of the loan amount paid by the borrower once for the whole tenor
Maximum Loan Amount: USD 1.5 Million
House Insurance: House Insurance premium to be bourne by the borrower
Service Charges: -Commision: 0.25% of the loan amount (Minimum USD 200 / Maximum USD 500). -Appraisal / Valuation fees: USD 100- USD 200 (Based on property location) to be debited from the borrower’s account. -Biennial revaluation fees to be bourne by the borrower if LTV> 50%. -Mortgage fees: 3% (1.5% on establishment and 1.5% on release) + USD 200 ( If the mortgage amount less than USD 120,000 and loan tenor > 7 years, no mortgage fees to be paid. -Early Prepayment fee: 2% of prepaid loan amount.


House Types: Property should be fully completed and ready to sell
Applicant Nationality: Lebanese residing in Kuwait or as a Kuwaiti National
Housing Loan at NBK

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