Today, with the LGB Home Loan, whether you are a resident or an expatriate, you can choose the home that best suits you anywhere in Lebanon. Own your home in no time under the best conditions available.


Minimum Down Payment: 30% of house value
Loan Period: Up to 15 years
Interest Rate: Fixed competitive interest rate for the first year, then 40% on Lebanese Treasury Bills yield in addition to 3% reviewed yearly
Grace Period: Between 6 and 24 months
Maximum Loan Amount: Up to LBP 1,500,000,000


House Types: Loan applicable for built houses and/or houses under construction
Applicant Age: Between 21 and 64 years
Applicant Nationality: Lebanese citizen
Career Status: Employee or professional with one year working experience
Maximum Monthly Payments: -Employed -Monthly payment not to exceed 1/3 of the monthly income -Self Employed -Monthly payment not to exceed 1/4 of the monthly income
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