Sogehome LBP 25 years, SGBL’s housing loan, is the make it all possible loan. Now you can buy, build, or renovate your home at light monthly installments spread over 25 years.


Minimum Down Payment: 15%of house value
Loan Period: Up to 25 years
Interest Rate: -First 15 year -40% TB rate (1 year) + 3% -The remaining repayment period -TB Rate (3 years) + 3.5%
File Fees: No file fees
Grace Period: 6 months
Maximum Loan Amount: Unlimited amount
Service Charges: Expert fees: LBP 225,000


House Types: Main home (house or apartment), on the Lebanese soil, already built or under construction
Applicant Age: 18 to 65 years old
Applicant Nationality: Lebanese, resident or non- resident
Career Status: Minimum of one year work experience
Sogehome LBP Loan at SGBL

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    Bank Product of: SGBL Adib Ishak Street Mathaf

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    Bank Product of: SGBL Maarad Street Downtown

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    Bank Product of: SGBL Sadet Street Hamra

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