Over the past 50 years, Beam Engineering and Construction has evolved from a small family business in Lebanon, into a pioneering company in real estate and engineers solutions.
We began our journey on the Mediterranean, anchored by one simple idea : clients deserve better. Endless stacks of blueprints and coffee cups and portfolios later, we continue to offer customers just that: top-quality management, sharp-eyed engineers, and tirelessly innovative architects. In short, the very best we can find.

Beam Developers offers an all-inclusive range of construction and engineers services, including constructability reviews, schedule analysis, cost estimation, on-site inspections, and contract administration.

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    Unesco Street Unesco Tel.: +9611313490
    Mob.: +9613744361


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Projects by this developer

Unesco Towers Property Developments
Rudamas Property Developments
City Heights Property Developments
Pine Park Residence Property Developments


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