One Wig Stand is an NGO for breast cancer awareness and support based in Beirut, Lebanon that aims to increase the public's understanding of the disease through creative initiatives.

One Wig Stand's main goals include:

• Reducing the disease's stigma by educating the public about its symptoms, the importance of early detection and through sharing the advice of others, including that of breast cancer survivors themselves and their families.

• Building a social support network for women with breast cancer in the Middle East through diverse media of communication.

• Cooperating with other breast cancer-related organizations or initiatives, regionally and/or internationally.

• Educating young women about the importance of early detection, self-check exams, routine gynecological visits, imaging studies and other preventative methods.

• Providing women diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as their families, with an outlet to share their experiences and receive support from others in the community.

• Organizing and participating in public breast cancer awareness campaigns supporting the cause.

• Acting as a resource mediator about the disease, such as, but not limited to, referrals to medical specialists and other facilities to meet the needs of breast cancer patients and survivors.

• Supporting ongoing and future research towards a cure for the disease.

One Wig Stand is committed to supporting, assisting and providing any other form of social service that further promotes this cause and fulfills its mission.

One Wig Stand

Addresses and Contacts

  • Tel.: +9611203112


Articles & Media

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Jessica and Lea are both young Hodgkin’s Disease survivors and met each other through our Sisters-in-Pink peer matching support program. The bond that formed between them was instantaneous and extended beyond their similar diagnosis.

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Alexandra Wallace-Currie, a breast cancer survivor, business entrepreneur and mother of three, empowers cancer patients and inner-city youth through The Pink Pom-Pom Project that utilizes sewing as a form of therapy that gives back to those in need. Read her inspiring story and the message she shares to Lebanese women fighting cancer!

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Jun 3, 2015, 1:42 PM


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