Since 1792, the Nalbandian family have bought and sold fine handmade antique carpets and textiles. Serge Nalbandian is the fifth generation to continue the family's passion for carpets but is the first that has had the world at his marketplace. To inherit such a tradition is both a privilege and a burden driving Nalbandian to travel further and further afield to source pieces that merit the family's name and satisfy his own discerning eye and expertise.

Whether it be dowry embroideries from Uzbekistan, 19th century carpets made for palaces in Tehran, tapestries made for stately homes in Europe or rare prayer rugs from the high Caucasus, one can be assured that all textiles and carpets offered under the Nalbandian name continue the tradition of connoisseurship establish by Serge's esteemed predecessors.

Nalbandian S.A.L

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    Center Sofil Achrafieh Tel.: +9611217053
    Mob.: +9613338769


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